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Picture yourself waking from sleep – refreshed and renewed, invigorated, waking to a new day with the light streaming into your room, filling your heart with hope and the promise of wonderful things to come………………

‘The sleeper must awaken’ – a quote from the science fiction masterpiece Dune, points to the reality of a new dimension of existence not yet encountered. Within something lies dormant. The true self must be discovered, or rediscovered if necessary. The true self embodies amazing possibilities, powers, potentials, unfolding in unexpected and incredible ways.

Yielding to the call of the still small Voice within, God’s Voice heard whispering in the emptiness of the in-between moments; accepting the invitation to enter into the silence of these moments, the unoccupied space where the sleeper can awaken – creates a collision of opposites. The sleeper only awakens through submergence into silence, in order, to rise, see, hear, experience, live, love, in a deeper, more intuitive, intense profundity. In ‘ordinary’ life, noise [the cares, the concerns, the compulsions, the dreams, the desires, the attachments, etc] is indicative of life, noise however puts the sleeper [the true self] into an oblivion almost impossible to shatter – plugged into the Matrix – barely able to perceive there is anything beyond the false world of contrived situation and artificiality and the secondarily important.

For the sleeper to awaken the all pervasive noise, the contentious, fragmenting nature of this world’s influence must be consciously rejected and constantly shattered and silenced, if the possibility of a new mode of existence and life is to come into being.

Rejection of impulses to possess, to own, to consume, to revel in, and to be enthralled by a world that is not so much illusion as delusion and distraction from the True and the Real – is the only path to discovering that these things are fictions of reality, given pseudo-life by a mind which itself is not the true living self. Unplugged from the matrix, the sleeper can awaken from living death to LIFE, and breathe the fresh air of Freedom not the anesthesia of delusion…………

The poisonous draught dispelled, the sleeper awakens, and draws Liberty’s breath: the noise silenced, subsumed in the quiet moment seemingly out of time; prayer, reflection, meditation – allow space for the still small Voice to speak. The words of that Voice are healing, life-giving words – sitting quietly, being enfolded in stillness………….. listen……………

The stillness of the moment can be found at any time and in any place, but for most of us we need physical quietness, at least initially, in order to unplug, to turn our mind inward. The world of externals, the world of delusion, must be left behind in any case if we as sleeper hope to awaken to a new reality – to the world of the Real – to touch and be touched by the world of Spirit.

Once awakened, the peace and serenity of the Spirit’s touch progressively soothes and stills the remnant restlessness of a heart over-stimulated by trivia, entangled in, and engulfed by, the ‘responsibilities’ of life. There is but one thing needful………………

In the very act of writing these words the still small Voice that I hear is speaking to me – saying I must continually yield myself to Him if these words are to be His words, if that of which I speak is to be a reality in my life. If not, they will be more meaningless babble in the background, another addition to the ambient noise – something else to clutter the mind, and fragment the heart and affections; another manifestation of the matrix of delusion that possessed me, and has so many still bound and dominated and blinded.

Awakening is often best understood as a process of gradual incremental change. The blinding light of revelation and epiphany is not the norm for most of us. This can and does happen from time to time. Sometimes the Lord will reach into our life and act in a dramatic and decisive fashion. Such an overwhelming intervention strikes to the very heart of who we are and changes us in unexpected and profound ways; we may never be the same person again. Either way, we will never be the same person again – process or transformative upheaval – the ultimate end is the same.

Awakening, reconnecting with the Source of All [our Creator] in the naked space He invites us to, is the goal of the spiritual life, it is the goal of the Spirit Himself within us – who prompts and prods us towards this Sacred Space. He however never forces us, never forces Himself upon us – Hs is gentle and compassionate towards us and does not withdraw our freedom of action at any time whether change is radical or gradual. The Spirit of God desires our free choice to come to the Quiet Place to dwell there with Him. To find in that space a home, beyond the superficialities of the daily grind, a place in which we may abide in peace. He calls us to ‘come to the quiet’ – a holy place – set apart for communion and union with Him, our Source, our very Life.

To paraphrase St Augustine, the heart will find no rest until it rests in the Lord. Resting in the still quiet place the sleeper awakens to Reality, to see, to know, to understand, to love, and awakens to the realisation they are seen, known, understood and loved to the utter depths of their being.

‘The sleeper must awaken!’